Who are Hearth’s volunteers?

Our volunteers are the unsung heroes of Hearth. They see firsthand the many stresses our patients and families go through and strive to give a sense of normalcy back to their lives. They are dependable, patient, emotionally mature and respectful of people’s beliefs and backgrounds. Our volunteers are an integral part of our team and work closely with our doctors, nurses, aides, chaplains, and social workers to provide the best quality of life possible.

What do volunteers do?

Our volunteers provide companionship and support to our patients and their families. They may help by running errands, helping with household chores, or just lending a listening ear. Volunteers may also provide their expertise in community outreach, office work, and other operational tasks. You will be given a choice of how much and what type of things you want to do.

Are volunteers trained?

Yes, Hearth will provide free and comprehensive training for volunteers before they are assigned any tasks. Volunteers will learn about the hospice philosophy, grief education, health & safety precautions and more.

How can I become a volunteer?

If you are interested call one of  our office for more information. You will be required to complete our volunteer screening process and training before you begin.

Thank you for considering volunteering with us and helping those in need.

Call One of Office Numbers Today to Become a Volunteer!