Hearth Hospice is committed to monitoring and responding to the novel coronavirus pandemic as we continue to care for our patients

Quote from Tiffany Hobbs, COO:

“Our employees are screened daily, and we are equipped to manage patients affected by COVID-19. During these difficult and uncertain times, we are keeping everyone in the community in our thoughts and prayers. We are here for you, and we are continuing to provide exceptional hospice care to our most vulnerable population. Hearth Hospice is committed to taking critical steps to ensure that our caregivers are prepared to respond to the threat of COVID-19. We consider it our utmost priority to protect and serve our community, direct caregivers, patients, and support personnel.”

Hearth Hospice is Prepared:

  • Employee Screening Daily – following CDC Guidelines
  • Careful Supply Management – prudent monitoring and management of supplies and resources (especially PPE) in preparation for the ongoing need and nationwide shortage
  • Telehealth Implementation – proactive use of telehealth options in order to protect patients and staff caring for high risk patients while increasing provider accessibility across the healthcare spectrum
  • Decreasing Exposure Risk – restricting visitors in offices, practicing social distancing with staff working remotely, and following federal, state and local guidelines
  • Emotional/Spiritual Support – providing psychosocial and spiritual support for patients, families, staff, and the community during this time of social isolation
  • Dedicated COVID-19 Team – nurses, CNAs, social workers, chaplains, bereavement coordinators and other support staff members who are dedicated to admitting, caring for, and providing support to patients and family members of those affected by COVID-19

We continue to provide our staff with ongoing, extensive COVID-19 education and training. We have also implemented strategic staffing models that help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the community while caring for those who have been affected with the virus. We are committed to helping you and your families during this uncertain time.

Hearth Hospice is here for you, and we will get through this uncertain time together. We consider it an honor to care for patients in the communities we serve.

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