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Medical Directors

Hearth Hospice is fortunate to have an excellent team of medical professionals led by our Medical Directors and supporting physicians. We meet with our medical directors every two weeks to discuss patients’ plans of care, reviewing the details including medical equipment, medicines and medical supplies. This information is also shared with the patients’ primary care physician. Our physicians are contacted on an as-needed basis if our staff ever requires additional assistance. Our physicians are also great teachers, which benefits our staff and our patients and families. We are so lucky to have such a committed and passionate team to guide us and to provide our patients with additional support.

Patients can always keep their current doctor/primary care physician. Our physician team serves as additional physicians that provide highly coordinated patient care.

Nursing Staff

Unfortunately, we are not able to describe every member of our team, but we hope a summary of our staff’s experience will provide you with some comfort that you will be in good hands with Hearth. We employ a combination of passionate Registered Nurses (RNs) and experienced Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) to serve as the core of our care team. We encourage our nursing staff to obtain continued hospice and palliative care training. All of our nurses come to us with backgrounds in end-of-life care, whether this is from a hospital setting or another hospice provider. We hire experienced nurses and do not consider applicants that come to us without experience.

Social Workers

We believe to be a great social worker, one must have both appropriate training and substantial experience. Our social workers connect resources and provide emotional and psychosocial support to our patients and families. While appropriate training is a necessity to perform the duties of a social worker, nothing can substitute for years of experience. Therefore, we only employ social workers that have substantial experience dealing with patients and families in end-of-life care settings.


Chaplains encounter a wide range of faiths and spiritual beliefs. Our Chaplains will provide support to our patients and families based on the personal faith and beliefs of the patient and/or family. Our chaplains typically have experience working in a church, which provides a vast array of experience serving the needs of a congregation. This includes supporting members at the end of their life and even overseeing their funeral services. Our chaplains also assist in bereavement counseling provided to our families.

Nursing Assistants

We only employ Certified Nursing Assistants that are licensed in the State of Tennessee and Georgia. Using licensed staff helps ensure quality patient care and our patient’s safety. Our nursing assistants receive continuing education throughout their employment and receive supervisory RN oversight regularly.

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